Mt. Palace




One-Off Under 18 Climbing Lessons


Please book in advance

Fun but structured one off lessons run by our instructors that are ideal for both new & experienced under 18's. 



Uninstructed 14-17yrs Climbing


Experienced climbers between the ages of 14-17 can climb without supervision at our centre subject to parental / guardian consent and the approval of one of our instructors. Please contact the centre for more information.



Supervised Under 18's Climbing


Pay at the Centre... Card only

Under 18's between the ages of 4-17 can climb without ropes and at low levels (known as Bouldering) whilst under the supervision of a responsible adult such as a Parent / Guardian, Grand-Parent or Nanny etc.

This is the ideal option if you want your Under 18 to try out climbing but none of our instructed sessions fit with your schedule or are fully booked.

One adult is able to supervise two Under 18's however that number is reduced to one Under 18 if the supervising adult wishes to climb as well.

To climb whilst supervising an Under 18, the supervising adult must also have been signed off as being competent on our roped facilities.