Mt. Palace


Lucky you.. we've got a couple of ways to get you started....



Adult Learner Climbing 


Please book online

If you're new to climbing and unsure of where to begin then read on...

Our 2hr Adult Learner Climbing sessions are a no pressure introduction to the basics and gives a taste of climbing at low levels without ropes (Bouldering) and climbing with ropes (Top Roping). 

This Learner lesson isn’t enough on its own to make you a proficient roped climber, you’ll need to also book the improver lesson for that but it will give you a good understanding of the basics.

All equipment is provided free of charge, just wear something comfortable to climb in.



Bouldering Clinic


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This 2hr Bouldering Clinic for adults gives a good understanding of the basics of movement and technique as well as providing an array of effective warm up and cool down exercises. Our instructor will also spend some time observing your climbing and provide personalised tips to take your climbing to the next level…


Adult Improver Climbing


Please book online

After you've completed our Adult Learner Climbing session you can you can build on the skills you learnt by booking onto this lesson.

Our 2hr Adult Improvers Climbing sessions build upon the basics you learnt in the learner session and aims to get you up to a standard whereby we can sign you off as being a competent rope climber!

All equipment is provided free of charge, just wear something comfortable to climb in.

Please note that this course is ONLY open to those that have already completed our Adult Learner Climbing course.


Uninstructed Adult


Pay at the centre... Card only

Although we generally recommend that complete novices book our Instructed Adult Learner Climbing sessions, we understand that you might want to explore climbing on your own or with friends and at your own pace.

If that's the case then Uninstructed Adult Climbing is the way to go.

After a safety induction with one of our members of staff, you're free to explore the centre and our Bouldering and Top Roping climbing walls**

Wear comfortable clothes and clean trainers to climb in and, if you fancy, we have a limited range of climbing shoes to hire for £1.

Should you have any questions whilst at the centre, a member of staff will always be around to help out.

**Please note that independent Top Roping is only allowed upon your verification of your competency OR if you're accompanied by an experienced climber for the duration.