Mt. Palace

School Holidays - One-Off Under 18 Climbing Lessons



**Please read boring / important stuff below before booking**

Parental Consent

  • Parental / Legal Guardian consent must be given the first time an Under 18 climber attends the centre.
    Any under 18's without this consent will not be able to climb.

    Under 18 registration & consent forms can be either -

    Completed by a parent / legal guardian at the centre 10 mins before your first session with us.


    If the parent / legal guardian is unable to attend, the forms can be printed out and completed in advance.  The Under 18 or a responsible adult can then bring them to the centre 10mins before their first session.

    Registration forms can be found here...  

Parental Guidance

  • In order to make an informed decision as to whether they are comfortable with their child climbing at Mt. Palace, all parents / guardians must read the BMC's 'Young People : Climbing / Hillwalking / Mountaineering - A Parents Guide' booklet prior to giving parental consent.

    A copy of this booklet can be found here….


  • Under’s 18 must be booked onto the appropriate aged lesson. Failure to do so invalidates our insurance. Any inaccurate booking will be cancelled immediately and, depending on the cancellation notification period given, may not be refunded.


  • Mt. Palace is committed to providing an inclusive, fun and safe climbing environment for all. If an adult / child under your care has any additional supervisory needs due to a physical disability or condition that affects their social interaction, communication or behaviour, we ask that the parent / guardian / carer contacts us prior to booking so that we may talk through any additional requirements to ensure that all parties get the most out of their time with us in as fun and safe a manner as possible.

Limited Space

  • Due to limited space within the climbing centre it's not possible to accommodate non-climbers during the sessions unless performing a supervisory role. Parents / Guardians etc are welcome however to come back to the centre to observe a child's progress for the last ten minutes.
    Please also note that only climbers / supervisors are allowed on the climbing mats.

** We release all Under 18’s courses and lessons on a termly basis. If the booking window says ‘No appointment types available for scheduling’ it means that all lessons for this current term are booked. Please join our Mailing List and ‘Like’ our Facebook page to receive notification of when we will be releasing the following term. Please also add our email address to your contacts book to ensure it doesn’t go to junk. Thanks!